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Each customer is our top priority:
Reactivity: The experts you need in just a few days
Exclusivity: You have a dedicated contact person, available when you need him.
Consulting: Tailor-made follow-up and recommendations throughout the mission
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It is a company that places people and solidarity at the heart of its concerns, with innovative projects in various fields.

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I particularly appreciate the transparency and the quality of communication with ThePointExe.

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My experience with ThePointExe has been absolutely exceptional.

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ThePointExe met our needs in record time. They were transparent and responsive throughout the process.


For our customers.

We combine cutting-edge technical expertise with rapid action. Our mission? To get the job done quickly, efficiently and cost-effectively.


Thanks to our hand-picked community of experts, we can find the talent you need to get your project off the ground quickly. All the while maintaining an uncompromising fit with your way of working.


We make the bold choice to work with a limited number of companies.Why do we do this? To provide you with the support and responsiveness that are essential to the success of your project.


We follow your project from definition to completion.You benefit from a dedicated contact person, available when you are, to answer all your questions.

Our process.


Needs analysis

Cloud migration? We identify exactly what you need.


Through our community, we identify the cloud experts who best fit your needs.

Fit interview

For a perfect match with the culture of your company.

Technical maintenance

We ensure the technical fit with your technologies.


Your consultant is integrated and operational from day one.

Use Case: The leader in the installation of electric charging stations


As a leader in the electric charging station installation sector, our client was facing a growing demand for digital solutions to streamline and optimize its operations.


With a booming market and digitization at the heart of performance goals, it was imperative to strengthen the development team to respond quickly to new demands while ensuring impeccable quality.

Our solution

Thanks to our in-depth understanding of their technological challenges and our speed of action, we identified and onboard specialized developers in less than 48 hours. Each of them, rigorously selected, had specific expertise adapted to the needs of our client.


Our client was able not only to accelerate the implementation of its digital solutions but also to benefit from tailor-made support, ensuring a perfect match between its needs and the skills of the consultants.
The result? A significant improvement in customer satisfaction and a strengthening of its position on the market.
An electric car charging station

Customer testimonials.

Portrait of Michel

My experience with PointExe has been exceptional. The team's responsiveness really stood out, presenting us with qualified consultants in less than 48 hours. Their involvement in the continuing training of their consultants is a real plus!


Headshot of Julien

We had very specific needs related to our core business and we were facing significant challenges in terms of recruitment. PointExe met our needs in record time. They were transparent and responsive throughout the process.



Our community.

A tech culture, centered on people

The information technology market is dynamic and in full expansion. Talents like you are the key to this evolution.
Beyond technology, we put people at the center of our concerns. Because it is thanks to you, consultants, that the world of information technology is progressing.

We are at the heart of innovation

Born from consultants who are passionate about technology, our firm is more than just a company. It is a community that values each individual, recognizes their skills and aspires to see them develop professionally. We have been in your shoes, we know what it takes to succeed in this field.
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The benefits of being part of our community

Continuing education

The world of IT is changing, and so are you. From online training to diploma certification, we're investing in your professional future.

Career opportunities

Our agile and modern structure offers rapid progress. More than a job, we offer a career.

Listening and tailor-made offers

Every consultant is unique. We take the time to listen to your aspirations, your career plans, the skills you want to develop and, of course, your salary expectations. Our aim? To find the assignment that's right for you.

Remuneration and benefits

Because the well-being of our consultants is essential, we offer remuneration that matches your skills and benefits adapted to your needs.

Testimonies consultants.

Portrait of Mamadou

Responsiveness and transparency in the recruitment process are major keys at PointExe. It is a company that places people and solidarity at the heart of its concerns, with innovative projects in various fields.


Portrait of Emmanuel

I particularly appreciate the transparency and the quality of communication with PointExe. Catalin in particular, as well as the entire team, are very responsive, clear and precise for any request or question. It gives confidence in the company.


Our technologies.






Innovative technologies

Project Management


Support and Maintenance


Contact us.

Contact us

Our valuations.


Digital transformation offers immense opportunities for the industrial sector, especially in terms of automation and optimization of production chains. Our consultants are at the heart of this revolution, ready to support you in meeting these challenges.


As the world moves towards renewable energy sources and energy infrastructures become more and more complex, our technology experts can help you navigate this changing landscape, ensuring efficiency and sustainability.


With increasing digitization, e-commerce and retail have to constantly adapt. Our specialists help you optimize your platforms and meet new market requirements.


Health is changing with the advent of digital technology. Our consultants support you in this change, by ensuring a better quality of care and an optimization of processes.


The financial sector is evolving rapidly with fintech. Our experts are at the forefront of these changes and guide you through new challenges and opportunities.

Public services

The digitization of public services is crucial today. We are here to help you implement effective and secure solutions.


In our connected world, telecommunications play a central role. Our specialists help you set up and maintain robust networks.

Media and Entertainment

The media world is constantly evolving. Our consultants guide you through this changing landscape, taking advantage of the latest innovations.

Real estate

Digital technology also has a place in real estate, whether it's property management or innovations such as virtual reality. Our experts support you in this transition.

Our background: from consultants to founders.

Point.Exe was born from the meeting of Christopher and Catalin, two consultants who started their careers in the information technology sector, Christopher in a technical orientation and Catalin in project management. They've spent years navigating the tech world, understanding its challenges, and experiencing its rewards.

Our shared vision led us to create our own consulting firm. With first-hand experience as developers and project managers, we identified market gaps and saw the potential for a company that would truly understand the needs of customers and consultants.

Our mission has become obvious: to fill the talent shortage in the IT market by precisely associating the right consultant with the right project. This vision has been amplified by our dedication to our consultants, ensuring that they have the best conditions and opportunities to excel.

Today, as the founders of The Point Exe, we are very proud of our growth, partnerships, and most importantly, the development of our developer community.
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